Version 2.9

Veterinary calculators for Emergency, Anesthetics, Antibiotics, CRI's, Fluid Therapy, In-App Document Scanner, Weight and Temperature Conversion, Blood Transfusions, Calories, Blood Glucose Curve Generator, Chocolate Toxicity, Trauma Triage, lab reference values, IRIS stage's and external links to popular Veterinary sites. Enter and save your own drugs and calculate dosages.

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  • Emergency Drugs

  • Anesthetics

  • Antibiotics

  • IV Fluids

  • CRI's

  • Glucose Curve Generator

  • IRIS Staging

  • Blood Transfusions

  • Chocolate Toxicity

  • Calories (MER, RER)

  • Pregnancy Calculator

  • Trauma Triage Scores

  • Lab Test Protocols

  • Unit Conversion

  • References

  • Document Scanner

for every Veterinary Professional

Vetcalculators is easy-to-use medical tool for all Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians. Drug calculations always at your fingertips. Works anywhere without the need for an internet connection.

Works on iPad

Vetcalculators is a universal App. Works on both Phone and Tablet!


Includes 13 Calculators

Emergency and Anesthetic drugs, Antibiotics, Common Veterinary drugs, IV Fluids, CRI's, Calories, Blood Transfusions, Blood Pressure, Glucose Curves, Chocolate Toxicity, Trama Triage calculations, Unit Conversions and even add your Own drugs

Automatic Dosage Calculations in MG and Mls

All drug dosages are automatically calculated as you enter the patients weights or change the dose of any drug. Forms can be easily reset.

Add your Own Drugs

Add your own favorite drugs to Emergency, Antibiotics, Anesthetic or My Drugs for easy dosage calculation

Show only the drugs you use and sort them in any order

Anesthetics, Emergency drugs, Antibiotics, My Drugs, CRI's, My Links as well as the main page links can be toggled on or off and sorted in any ordeer

Calculations are saved

If you enter a patients weight or info and leave the page or close the App, the entered info will be saved.


Normal Laboratory reference values, Lab Protocols, Trauma Triage, Modified Glasgow Coma Score, Dental Charts, Pain Scale, BCS Charts, VHS and Mitral Guidelines, IRIS Stages, Heartworm Treatment, Links to Veterinary web sites

Works Offline

No internet connectivity needed! Always available when you need it.

Scan Documents

Built in Document scanner. Scan documents or take a photo. Share or save fromm the App.

Prints Easily

Print your drug dosage calculations to any device connected printer or save, share them as a PDF